Adworx Financial Has Added Judgment Recovery

19 Sep    Uncategorized

A Billion Dollar Industry

Each and every day thousands of money judgments are being awarded in our civil courts in an ever-increasing tide of unpaid debt. But what you probably didn’t know is that a staggering 79% of all these judgments are unpaid because the courts can’t force the losing party to pay.

A money judgment entitles the winning party to use many powerful legal tools to collect the money through the court system. Wages and other income can be garnished, property can be taken and sold, bank accounts can be frozen and seized, driver’s licenses can be suspended… these are just a few of the many tools in the enforcement toolbox. But the sad truth is most winners in court don’t know how or where to begin.

Unfortunately, unless the judgment holder (the winner of the lawsuit) knows how to find the debtor’s assets and use the court system to collect, there is little else they can do. The results of all these hard-won legal battles is astonishing… literally BILLIONS of dollars in civil debt, collecting interest – and dust – in someone’s filling cabinet.

This is where the Judgment Recovery Specialist at Adworx Financial plays a valuable role.
The winning party can legally transfer ownership of the judgment to Adworx Financial to enforce it. Once Adworx Financial is assigned the right to enforce the judgment We can then pursue the collection of the judgment through every legal method available to us. We will turn over every stone to find any assets that can be used to Recover your Judgment and get you Paid.

Call us at 888-352-1798 to see what your options are and How Adworx Financial can help recover your Judgment Quickly and with No out of pocket expenses upfront. We work on a contingency basis just like attorneys do. We generally will split any Judgment Recovery 50/50, You will get 50% of what is Recovered with NO Out Of Pocket Expenses. We will cover all expenses out of our share of the Recovered Judgment.

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