Sep 19

Adworx Financial Has Added Judgment Recovery

A Billion Dollar Industry

Each and every day thousands of money judgments are being awarded in our civil courts in an ever-increasing tide of unpaid debt. But what you probably didn’t know is that a staggering 79% of all these judgments are unpaid because the courts can’t force the losing party to pay.

A money judgment entitles the winning party to use many powerful legal tools to collect the money through the court system. Wages and other income can be garnished, property can be taken and sold, bank accounts can be frozen and seized, driver’s licenses can be suspended… these are just a few of the many tools in the enforcement toolbox. But the sad truth is most winners in court don’t know how or where to begin.

Unfortunately, unless the judgment holder (the winner of the lawsuit) knows how to find the debtor’s assets and use the court system to collect, there is little else they can do. The results of all these hard-won legal battles is astonishing… literally BILLIONS of dollars in civil debt, collecting interest – and dust – in someone’s filling cabinet.

This is where the Judgment Recovery Specialist at Adworx Financial plays a valuable role.
The winning party can legally transfer ownership of the judgment to Adworx Financial to enforce it. Once Adworx Financial is assigned the right to enforce the judgment We can then pursue the collection of the judgment through every legal method available to us. We will turn over every stone to find any assets that can be used to Recover your Judgment and get you Paid.

Call us at 888-352-1798 to see what your options are and How Adworx Financial can help recover your Judgment Quickly and with No out of pocket expenses upfront. We work on a contingency basis just like attorneys do. We generally will split any Judgment Recovery 50/50, You will get 50% of what is Recovered with NO Out Of Pocket Expenses. We will cover all expenses out of our share of the Recovered Judgment.

Jun 24

Adworx Working Capital Term Loans

Working Capital! $25K to $200K 5-Yr. Term & Monthly Pay (Not An MCA, or Cash Advance Product)*** 5 Minutes To Apply *** APPROVABLE INDUSTRIES

Consulting Firms Medical Billing ​Staffing ​Marketing/Advertising Publishing​Technology Services/IT/Software ​Architects​Engineering Printing ​Hotels ​Motels​ Gyms CONTRACTORS (INCLUDING ONLY THE FOLLOWING TYPES – NEVER HOME BASED):AC & Heating (HVAC)​Commercial Construction (non-residential building and/or commercial renovations)Larger plumbing companies (doing over 1 million in gross receipts/bank deposits)Electricians PROFESSIONALS : Accounting (CPA’s & Tax preparation services)​Collection Agencies​Insurance Agencies​Attorneys (all types)Financial Planners/Investment Advisors​Real Estate Companies​Mortgage Companies​All licensed professionals not working with a home base or mailbox or shared office for a business address HEALTHCARE INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING: All Physician Types/All Doctor’s Offices ​Chiropractors ​Dentists ​Home Health Services​Mental Health Services Pharmacies​ Physical Therapists Residential Care Facilities (can also be the residence of the owner if UW criteria is met) Substance Abuse Services Medical Diagnostic Centers Call Us Today! Adworx Financial LLC 888-352-1798

Jun 24

Adworx Financial Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans $100K – $70MM+ 75% LTV Credit Score 500+ FICO 1 to 3-Years Interest Only Under $1MM 8.25% – 11.9% $1MM+6.99% – 9.99% MULTIFAMILY 5+ UNITS 1-4 UNIT RESIDENTIAL OFFICE RETAIL INDUSTRIAL HOTEL BRIDGE PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS> Used for short-term holds to stabilize a property for resale or long-term financing.> Rates are determined by the Federal Prime Rate, usually 3.5% to 8.75% above Prime depending upon LTV.> No prepayment penalty.> Close in 7 to 21 days.> Funded through non-bank private bridge lenders and real estate investment funds.

PROGRAM GUIDELINES Hybrid Option N/A Reserves Varies / Limited Prepayment Terms None Seasoning No seasoning on leases / operating income. Rates and terms are based upon existing leases and operating income secured at the time of application .Ownership Type Properties must be held in an LLC, partnership, trust, or other corporate structure. In most cases, properties cannot be held in an individual’s name, solely or jointly. Unless non-recourse, borrowers are personally responsible for property and mortgage performance .Doc Type / Underwriting Asset-based underwriting with emphasis on property value and net operating income and/or potential NOI following property stabilization. Personal tax returns not required. Year-to-date and previous year property operating statements, rent roll, schedule of real estate owned required for income property review and Letter of Intent. Due Diligence / Underwriting Deposit A deposit of $3,500 – $15,000 may be required upon acceptance of an LOI/Term Sheet. The deposit is credited against underwriting fees and third party costs, including but not limited to a fair market value evaluation fee, inspections, site visit, legal costs, escrow, etc. If an appraisal is required, an additional appraisal fee deposit may be required. Any deposit balance is credited at escrow closing. ICS strives to minimize deposit fees for our clients, and subject to lender approval, waive deposits when at all possible.

Https:// Multifamily, Commercial & Investment Property Loans

$100k to $100+ million Office Tel: 888-352-1798 Local Office Tel: 512-501-2745 Mobile Tel: 737-444-0676

May 11

Adworx Financial Partners with ICS Loans

Certainty of Execution

As a Correspondent Lending Company ICS has direct underwriting capabilities with numerous lenders, allowing us to cut weeks off a typical closing schedule. Our private capital fund also allows us to fund loans in-house for time-sensitive transactions. Loans are then sold or assigned to the final lender.


7 – 21 Days


45 – 60 Days

 Fix & Flip

21 – 30 Days


30 – 45 Days

May 11

Federal Prime Rate

Federal Prime Rate
3.25% as of May 10, 2021
The U.S. Federal Prime Rate is a commonly used, short-term interest rate in the banking system of the United States. All types of American lending institutions (traditional banks, credit unions, wholesale lenders, thrifts, and private lenders) use the U.S. Prime Rate as an index or foundation rate for pricing various short, medium, and long-term mortgage products. Adworx Financial prices loans using the Federal Prime Rate as a benchmark, adding or deducting margin based upon the property type, income, and overall stability of the asset. Adworx Financial structures and packages loans, including rate and terms, then sells or brokers these loans to the most competitive lender, who either meets, beats, or counter-offers our asking rate and terms.